New Support Articles Available!

Happy Monday, Knacksters! :wave:

We have published new support articles based on feedback submissions (form available at the bottom of support articles!) to help you make the most out of our platform. Whether you’re just getting started with Knack or looking to enhance your existing app projects, these guides provide insights and step-by-step instructions. :rocket:

Here’s a brief overview of each new article:

  1. Getting Started Guide: Building Your Education App
    This guide aims to share how to customize your education app to suit your institution’s needs after installing one of our template apps.

  2. How to Calculate the Numeric Week of the Year from a Date
    Learn how to accurately determine the numeric week of the year based on any given date. This guide is ideal for managing time-sensitive projects and scheduling tasks effectively.

  3. How to Display Links in Your App’s Page Menu Based on User Access
    Customize your app’s navigation by displaying links in the page menu based on the logged-in user’s access permissions.

  4. How to Send an Email with a Click of a Button
    Simplify your communication process by learning how to send emails with just a click of a button. This guide covers the necessary steps to integrate email functionality into your app.

  5. How to Automatically Generate Expiration Dates/End Dates
    Automate the generation of expiration or end dates within your app to streamline your workflow. This article provides instructions on setting up an equation to this, saving you time and reducing manual input.

We hope these new resources help you get even more out of our platform! Stay tuned for more support articles in the coming weeks as we continue to expand our knowledge base with useful guides and tutorials.

Happy building!