Date equations

Hi all,

Complete newbie here but i'm getting on quite well with my first app, I'm creating an app to manage the workflow within my picture framing business and Knack is really making this a lot simpler.

im reaching out for a bit of help though, im trying to create a date based on a perviously picked in an object. i just need to advance by 1 day i.e if the date picked (start Date) is 25/01/2019 i need it to create the 26/01/2019. I think i have the equations setting set up correct and used the formula

{start Date} + 1

but is just returns 01/01/1970

Any suggestions?


thank you, i'll take a look.

Sounds like you are on the right path, but need to fiddle with the Equation settings a bit. See mine here, this gives me 1 day extra based on a different date field. Look at Equation Type, Date Type, Result Type. Actually just check it all. Might help.