Date Equations on forms still not updating?

I have read a few articles where it appears that using a date equation on a form is not updating and this has been my experience also.

I have a Date field for the user to input {Date1}, and another one {Date2} that can not before Date1.  Due to not being able to set up a validation that can compare Date2 to Date1 and ensure it is greater, I have created an equation field {Diff} that takes Date1 from Date2.  Then on Date2 set up a validation saying that the result Diff must be higher than 0.

This does not seem to work either.

When I place the Date Equation field on the form and leave it as a calculation the answer is always 0 on the form.  Looking at the records in the database it has the correct result.  If I change the form to have a read-only field the result shows correctly, but now as the user changes the dates the calculation will not update.

Eventually had to remove the validation because with the form not updating it always fails.

Essentially I am trying to get it so that the user can enter 2 dates and the second can not be before the first.  I have tried looking at the start end option of the date field but that leads to more complications.

Starting to feel the only option is to let users do whatever dates they want and will manually check afterward.

Hi Adrian, 

Make sure your equation is below all of the fields that it needs to calculate inside of the objects section of the builder. As outlined in the documentation here (section 2.5) you need to consider the order of the fields. This might be the issue. 

If this doesn't work another way that you can do this is via JavaScript. 

Let me know if you need additional help,