Empty result in date equation should not display as 1970

When using a date equation if the result is 0 - no date exists then the display value on a form for the result of that equation is 01/01/1970. This is confusing and a bad user experience. IF the result of the equation is null then the display in the UI should be empty.


Hi @Brian7 and welcome to the community!

Thanks for sharing! I will share this suggestion with our team for consideration. :slight_smile:

This is extremely annoying. Out of interest why does it default to 01/01/1970.

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The reason for this is Unix time (epoch time). This is common in software because epoch time is used to measure the number of seconds or milliseconds that have passed since a particular moment in history. In computing for developers, the epoch is always January 1, 1970.

Essentially, epoch time is a useful tool for performing calculations or comparisons between different points in time. It simplifies the process by converting time into a numerical format, making it easier to work with.

However, we understand how this can be frustrating when you’re expecting a blank value for a date field value and not a random default date. I’ve passed this feedback along to the team in the chance that there’s something we can do in the future to improve this experience.

Fellow Knack Buddy and friend @DaveParrish did a video on this four days ago.

I also did one or rolling up max days with Unix time.

Mastering Max Dates: Unix Time in Connected Tables

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