Possible to use a Text Equation field result in an Equation field?

The short version of this question is: Is there any way to take a date contained in a Text Equation field back into a date that can be used in a regular Equation field (since Text Equation fields are not available for use in Equation fields)?

Here’s the expanded question:

I have a Date field, and I need to create a second Equation field that contains the date of the start of the quarter in which the first Date field falls.

I need the calculated quarter start date field to be one that I can perform further calculations on, so a Text Equation field won’t work.

I have managed to use a combination of Equation and Text Equation fields to get the calculated quarter start date, both as a normal MM/DD/YYYY date and as a UNIX timestamp as a Text Equation. But, since the field is a Text Equation, I can’t then use it in further Equation fields to do more date calculations on it.

Is there any way that I can use the results of a Text Equation field in Equations?

Could you use a Date/Time field and set a Conditional Rule that uses the text equation as its input?

Thanks, Carl! This set me on the right path. I created Record Rules on the associated Add and Edit forms to set the values, and it appears to be working!

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Glad it got you onto the right patch :+1: