Record History Download (and usability improvements)

Quick but very helpful change - can a download link be created for Record Histories? Its extremely cumbersome to navigate when there are numerous updates, requiring scrolling both up and down and left and right and titles of the columns are not visible making it very difficult to see the relevant data. A CSV download addresses all of those issues by allowing us to see the data in a spreadsheet.

Just adding to the "I agree" chorus that the ability to download record history has great value.

This would be very valuable. Either export ability or at least the ability to view the entire record history in a non-modal. This view is basically un-usable if the object has more than a few fields.

GDPR is also relevant to this request. The data is already there but it could be more user-friendly to get to the relevant data.

The export is probably the most useful part of this. User controlled filtering is also a must. Controlling the number of records per page is also import.

I'd also extend this point on record history to what actually creates a row in record history. I'll use an example of how quickly history can be generated.
I have a table/object that will rarely change.
One field is "Renewal Date".
Another field is an equation that gives me "Days to Renewal" (Renewal Date - currentTime()).
Every day, for each record, I get a new row of history.
The consequence is that finding user/task based updates is difficult.
Extend this issue further (which I accidentally did) and set up that function field so that it updates hourly rather than daily. You get 24 rows of history data per day per record in your table.
Record history is also generated with counts (and I assume max, min etc).
At the very least we need the ability to filter out all these rows that are created automatically and often have very little meaning.
Beyond that ability to filter, it would also be useful if we could specify (in the builder) if each field of this type should generate record history. The updates to the data in the fields still need to happen but do we really need/want a history record created?

I second this. For some people who need to audit their records it would be invaluable.

Bump on this - would be very helpful.

agree, this would be very valuable.