Downloading Large Data Table Times Out

I am trying to download tables to archive data and lower number of records in my app. I have one table for example with 92k records. I filtered by date to reduce total number of filtered records by half and then attempted to download as csv (and I have tried joson). The download keeps failing.
Any suggestions on how to resove this or it it simply a case of filtering for a maximum number of records to download at one time and to then repeat the action.
Many thanks

Add Autoincrement number. Then try to download by the lower number of records. Like filter reecords id less then 10000 and download then >9999 and <20000

Sunny Singla

thank you - that is painful! Appreciate the feedback.

Ask support if you can move your app to the performance environment. The back end works so much faster for updates and deletes, so presume downloads may be at least 10 times better.

Hi @Mark3 - Further to my below suggestion, I thought you might find the below of interest.

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