Product Updates - February 6th, 2019


  • Secret keys in payment processor setups are obfuscated (showing only the last 4 characters)
  • User role required fields (email, password, user status, user role) can no longer be copied to other objects, preventing bad states for these special field types
  • Provide an option for apps that are running into issue with Data Source filters not applying to record views until a page refresh


  • Editing one day of a multi-day calendar event now correctly only edits that one day
  • New "expand group" child page tables now have the same source as their parent report views, preventing new setups that could result in incorrect data being displayed
  • Imports to user objects with duplicate email addresses now skip and continue when they hit dupes, instead of stopping and failing
  • Cursor input active state on connection picker is no longer removed from input box, re-allowing users to keyboard arrow through results after typing
  • Clicking to initiate action links must be done from link only, fixing an issue where it was possible to trigger the action link from anywhere inside that table cell
  • Image fields with validation rules now allow the “choose file” modal to be opened
  • Zapier record updates now correctly trigger conditional rules based on Date/Time field triggers
  • Standard theme
    • Updated the theme so that <ul> elements that are not used in form are hidden for better readability
    • Updated the theme so that pre-set filters for Map & Calendar views correctly show the active filter
  • Fixed an issue where user role fields other than the Account user role ones could not be used in an E-Commerce payment view set up
  • Fixes an issue where custom code would appear to have disappeared after editing app settings and before refreshing
  • Fixed an issue where the back button on the “Add View” overlay screen did not work
  • Fixed an issue with app copies where the page rules were not correctly copied
  • Fixed an issue where conditional rules that previously had been set to a field value were still retaining this field data information after updates to a custom value
  • Fixed an issue where a Date/Time field set up with Date Type = dd/mm/yyyy and the "repeat and end-time to use with a calendar" options enabled, imports to these fields were coming in with blank values
  • Fixed an issue where incorrectly showing connected Rating fields with no stars