Product Updates - May 22, 2017

We got so busy with product updates lately we missed our last two weekly posts about product updates!

We're getting back into the swing of things with this mega post.

New Feature: User Pages

The big feature release was user pages. User pages allows the current "Account Settings" page to be customized just like any page: you can hide it, rename it, delete the forms, add your own, etc.

You can also add additional user pages to add features for your logged-in users and better separate those from your main app. Perfect for account and profile updates, as well as seeing records connected to the logged-in user.

These pages will also play a big role in our upcoming E-Commerce upgrades. We'll be automatically adding pages for users to view their payment history, update any saved payment info, etc. User pages allows us to really simplify this while still making it completely customizable.

You can read the full write-up on our blog.


Password fields have a new option for the password action: you can require the logged-in user to authenticate with their current password, update the password, or both. Perfect for sensitive forms where you want the user to add their password again to authorize the form submission. This is only available on forms protected with a login that are updating a user role record.

Emails now support image thumbnails.

From the Record History (in the Builder) you can now link to the view or task that made a given record change. These links are in the "Source" column when applicable.

Multiple choice fields now have a sort option. You can set this to custom if you want to prevent some operations (like importing) from automatically sorting alphabetically.


We fixed exports where some numeric fields were including non-breaking spaces in formats.

Filter accuracy around ratings fields has been improved. E.g. "Rating IS 4" will now no longer return 4.5s; "Rating IS 4.5" will now correctly return only 4.5 star results.

We added support for yes/no fields in live equation calculations. If you have an equation on a form in your live app, and that equation contains a yes/no field present on that form, the equation will now properly evaluate as you set/reset the yes/no field's value.

We fixed tables that could get misaligned due to large image loads.

We updated our user tokens so that the same app user will receive a different token for each app they are logged into.


With User Pages off the roadmap we're focused on E-Commerce and getting the customer save feature out the door. That's currently in beta testing mode.

The new theme testing has been completed and has been merged into the main codebase. We needed to iron out a few things but will making the theme an available option this week.