Product Updates - March 27

Ok, it's one day late, but lots of bug fixes as well as a few major performance wins we're excited to announce.

Fixes & Improvements

  • For our checkout view, some errors being returned from the Stripe payment processor were being hidden on failed checkouts. These are now displaying correctly.
  • Fixed a report issue where a report could sometimes be hidden if reordered in a certain way in the builder.
  • Fixed issues where complex fields like addresses weren’t being properly converted to short text values when assigned via form rules.
  • Fixed cases where rounded numeric values were sometimes displayed incorrectly in the builder.
  • Fixed minor display issue in pie chart options.

We made some major improvements on the speed of certain database operations like adding or deleting fields. We have more work to do here, but in some cases decreased execution time by 50%.

We're also seeing major improvements on job processing. Scheduled jobs are now running within an acceptable margin to their intended start date. This is due to some increased capacity as well as better dispatching and monitoring.


We now reveal if your object has tasks in the builder with a handy counter next to the tasks tab. When present this red number will indicate how many tasks the object has. We found that some users would forget they added tasks and wonder why their data was changing, so we hope this helps in troubleshooting scenarios.


We addressed the majority of issues found in early testing for our next app theme. This week we’re opening up beta testing to over a hundred new users, so we're expecting to get a new wave of more obscure issues to handle.

Noticed that the task indicator sometimes reads 1 when there are no tasks though ... 

I like the new "counter of tasks" per Object. To build on that it would be great to see on the Dashboard, an indicator of the number of "running" tasks, per app. I've made copies of apps and included the tasks (on purpose), then left them running by accident.

Thanks again Brandon & team.

The Tasks counter is a nice, easy feature. Thanks.


Looking forward to seeing the new theme.