Product Updates - April 3

A little light as some updates just missed making it into the week, but still a bunch of fixes!

Fixes and Improvements

  • We completely refactored how we store and update our data storage credentials, which will result in much more agility, speed, and confidence in server updates and capacity expansion.
  • Efficiency refactors in running rules and tasks.
  • Fixed an issue where some scheduled task emails were being sent twice.
  • Resolved a performance problem originating from invalid input to math operations that was crashing some servers.
  • Fixed an issue where Timer fields weren't being searched or filtered properly.


  • Text Formulas now properly preview Dates as Dates, instead of as timestamps.
  • We attempted to hide the Flash loader that sometimes shows up, which is confusing and unnecessary.


  • Additional icons we're added to add to links and other areas (a bus!).


We got some great test coverage in from our expanded batch of beta testers (thank you!). We will be diving into those this week and depending on how that shakes out will hopefully be able to finalize a launch date shortly.

We also started work on adding connection filters to search views. This will allow you to limit those by the logged-in user, or make one connection dependent on the selection of another connection (similar to how they work in forms).

Next week we'll be starting to set up some beta testers for our new E-commerce functionality around saving customers. If you've expressed interest we'll be reaching out shortly

Great info!!! Keep it coming :-)

Thank you for the update! I really appreciate these.