Product Updates - April 17

Weekly product updates continue!

New Features

We're continually improving our mobile performance with our upcoming app theme upgrades and this week released a small part of that -- for Apple devices you can now use the "add to home screen" feature and it will retain some native app behavior. We'll be adding similar functionality for Android devices.


Filter accuracy has been improved, particularly around decimals and precisions.

We also added much better logging to our codebase to better reveal performance issues and identify areas of improvement.


We fixed a situation where connected records were not being properly updated by record rules that needed to find the connected record first.

A report issue has been fixed that was creating duplicate headers.

Email parsing on field-matched imports has been improved to better prevent duplicate records.


New Knack theme continues to make great progress and get closer to a release date.

Customer E-commerce is also wrapping final development work and will be entering testing shortly.

Thanks for the update!

Dean, if you are embedding your app into another hosting platform, such as Squarespace, you can accomplish what you are requesting by injecting something like the following code into the custom Header code section of the Squarespace administrative panel. Make the "href" match the location of where you are hosting the image icons.

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="114x114" href="" />

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="144x144" href="" />

In case anyone else may be confused, It was unclear to me at first what "...the "add to home screen" feature and it will retain some native app behavior..." meant until I noticed it was launching on my iPhone like its own app rather than in the Safari browser. That is a very cool feature. Thank you Now if you can figure out a way for us to use our own icon as well it would be very transparent to the user.

That all being said I did notice that you can't relaunch the page like you can with the browser which may mean that if you update the builder and someone has checked the box upon login to remain logged in they won't get the updates when they return to the "app". Am I understanding the behavior correctly and is there a simple solution?