Release: 13-March-2023

We have changed some labels in the Dashboard and the Builder.

As a no-code database, the language we use is a very important tool for organizing and communicating information in a clear, consistent, and inclusive way.

We will be making incremental improvements to the dashboard and builder for better usability, functionality, and modern design, and the new labels are inline and conducive to that work.

  • Schema will be called Data
  • Objects will be Tables
  • In Pages (Views), Tables will be called Grids / Grid Views.
  • The code, api endpoints, and urls have not been changed.

The icons that represent terminology will be updated soon to better reflect the new labels.

We’ve also fixed a few long-standing issues -

  • The “Jumping Cursor” in Builder Name Fields

  • In the Live App, inline edits were sometimes appearing in modal views.

  • The Sharing message, if the sharing limit is reached, is now correct (thanks @CarlHolmes and @DaveParrish !)

  • Connection field issue when using a Name display is fixed

The Live App shows pagination controls at the bottom of the List, Search, and Table views.

When importing records, you’ll see a progress bar from start to finish.

We’ve also made several performance and loading improvements for different report views in the past two weeks.



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