Product Updates - March 20

Features & Upgrades

Page Rules

Page rules now accept fields from connected objects as criteria for rules. For example, if you are viewing a page for an employee, you could add page rules using fields from the company that employee is connected to.

Fixes & Improvements

Child pages of forms working with the logged-in user now follow the same user permissions. This happens when you use a submit rule to add a child page connected to the form. Generally, this means those child pages will now display more meaningful results and records connected to other users will be more secure.


Field names can no longer include angle brackets. This was interfering with HTML markup in some scenarios.

Minor updates to translation files.


User Pages are wrapping up testing and our new Knack theme was sent to a new batch of beta testers to expand our test coverage.

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the new theme.

Guy, page rules with connected field are not working for me. I can choose the connected field, but it wont hide the view I'm setting to do it. Anyone made it work?

Great idea ; continue to do so. This is REALLY helping!

Loving the regular product updates. Keep up the great work!