PCI Compliance

I'm probably in the minority here, but my business doesn't involve e-commerce...We communicate with our clients via facebook, email, text and very rarely on the phone. We don't meet face to face, but we process payments with our suppliers We would like to see PCI compliance so we can store our clients' credit card information and charge as needed without the need for a phone call.

Hi William, Jarrod, I have been told by Knack that they will be looking into PCI Compliance for the next version of the ecommerce platform.

However they cannot put a date on this...

Hi Jarrod, did you ever get any response from Knack about PCI compliance? I too need to store my client's credit card info on my knack database. From you question, I surmise that they are NOT PCI compliant...therefore I can not store my credit card info on the database now?