"Blinded" customer table data & sandbox feature

I asked Knack about this and they asked me to post here. I run three Knack apps and the data stored in two of them is sensitive. The end-user has to take my word that nobody, including me, is looking at their data in the tables. I suggested Knack come up with a feature or certification service that adds a level of “blinding” to customers’ data. The owner (you or me), would be able to do everything we can normally do, except, access live data. I also suggested a “sandbox” feature to allow for adding real data for use by development personnel. I personally, would pay for such a certification by Knack as a monthly fee as data viability and security are very important in my apps. Your thoughts? Thanks, Dean

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Hi, Dean!

Thank you for sharing! I think it is a great idea to implement some type of encryption functionality from within the Builder.

If we receive any updates on this feature request, we will share those updates here in this thread!

Have a great rest of your week and happy Knacking! :slight_smile:

Would love a sandbox to play / test in.