Knack Roadmap


As we are planning out our roadmap, I wanted to send a note to say we are doing our best to prioritize and incorporate the years of valuable feedback you’ve shared, and ensuring that the roadmap addresses the needs you’ve been so passionate about in these forums.
We also have some ideas that we hypothesize you might find valuable too.
I’m creating various ways to gather data about these long-standing requests as well as these new ideas too.

The first of this data-gathering exercise has to do with a new idea - Knack and integrations, and I’ve built out a survey here. :smiling_face:

We’re still a bit away from discussing the roadmap externally, but…it’s getting there! :dizzy:


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Great to know that the wealth of community and customer feedback is being considered as part of the roadmap. Looking forward to hearing more when you are able to share :rocket:


ahhhhhh Thank you for this recognition as a lot of builders have made the effort to write requests through out the years.

And great that the Road Map is being defined. Not easy!

Go Knack!

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Super excited to watch the progression of Knack!


Maybe you can put a priority on two-factor authentication for apps.