Future roadmap

Where is the Knack roadmap with new and planned features?

:wave: Hi Ed!
We are in the process of enhancing how we gather and prioritize our feature requests.
Soon, we will introduce an easier way that allows our users to vote and comment on the features they would like to see developed. This initiative is designed to ensure that our roadmap aligns closely with the needs and preferences of our community, making our development process more transparent and user-driven, with the eventual goal of an always current user facing roadmap.

While we are working on launching this, I’d love to extend an invitation for a chat where we can dive deeper into your requests and ideas, as well as our roadmap.
We will also be announcing the date and time for our Q1 Roadmap webinar soon
Here is my calendar link - I’m always excited hear more about your ideas and how we can make Knack better :boom:

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