Where are the updates and changes?

Are there no updates and changes? The last one I saw was over a month and a half ago. I like knack but the slow development is putting it behind some of its competitors. When are we going to see some much needed change?


Thanks for your question. We find that we go through cycles where we are adding new features but also updating various underlying frameworks to remain up to date. As we make feature updates we’ll share as they become ready but other, less interesting updates, we don’t generally share. We’ll get back on a feature cycle again, hopefully soon!


I feel like Knack is lagging behind and put their position far back from where it was, because of slow devs on features.

Knack has been around longer than most and I believe they have been relatively independent in terms of capital raises… I don’ know their corporate situation but they have always had a pretty lean team from what I can tell. That being said, because they have been around as long as they have their system works and works well and often features in other apps have complicated the user interfaces and often break the code. This doesn’t happen in Knack very often and we haven’t had many problems since the Builder switchover. The switch was supposed to be the catalyst for feature enhancements that were not possible in the old code so I would expect some new features this year. I find with JavaScript or an integration system like Zapier, Integromat and now Byteline, I can accomplish most anything, but without it I understand your options when you really need something that isn’t native, are limited. Although I do a lot of my own JavaScript coding, when I have a complex problem I have hired developers that have solved the issue for often a few hundred dollars or less. Most problems to an expert are not as difficult as they may appear to the nocode admin. I am currently beta testing Stripe subscription payment and billing features for Knack with Byteline.com and so far its going well which adds significant enhancements to what is possible. Between CSS and JavaScript you can accomplish a lot. We have developed a multi-tenant application with Knack and are integrating multi-tenant subscriptions and many said that couldn’t be done in Knack. Not true. I am also using Auth0 SSO login integration to make a seamless transition back and forth from Knack to my Wordpress password protected site with no additional login, adding even more functionality. The potential is endless. But yes I would love to see 2022 become the year of feature catch-up. Things like native webhooks and HTTP posts would be nice, more granular role options down to the field level… but until then all things that can be solved with JavaScript.


Certainly not complaining, just stating an observation. Looking at Knack’s job postings it seems they lost a few people in the engineering team, which could be related to the slow progress on this front. I definitely see that as an issue because it ultimately pushes out any timeline they had even further, which in turn directly affects customers.

I have to say I too have built a multi-tenant app with SSO using Office 365, leveraging the API to feed data into the app and have made a bunch of CSS and Javascript changes and came up with some creative ways of using the application.

I would like to see the following:

  1. 2FA for the front-facing application side (the fact that it still doesn’t exist in 2022 is mind boggling. We have a poor man’s solution that works but its not great)
  2. Multi-file upload (one record)
  3. Better file organization/ maybe even a proper folder and file view. (we are a cyber firm and provide a lot of report deliverables to our clients. Putting it in a table or list view isn’t very appealing.)
  4. Better inline editing (it doesn’t always work - we reported a bug last year that is still a bug)
  5. Native Chart.js integration

I have others but want to see the above be implemented first.


Well, there is no roadmap, barely any communication… I really don’t know what to think of Knack right now.

From some of my conversations I think things are changing for the better. Unfortunately the new team is in the WTF? mode of discovery and problem solving, but from what I have seen so far they are approaching things as you would expect from a professional corporate team. Give them some time and I think things will begin to improve. Communication in the forums from the Knack Team has already shot up and they have told me they are prioritizing and addressing issues including their interaction and approach to communication here. The original Knack Team did a herculean job to get to this point but I think they were under-resourced for where it had grown to and were falling behind the competition, which is why the influx of resources was badly needed.