eCommerce Payment

I am trying to set up use of eCommerce for a Customer which I haven’t done for a long time. The logged-in user will need to pay a fee based on the number of entries for their Company. I have added a new page where it allows them to update the number of entries and hence the fee but this does not seem to be flowing through to show on the Payments View which I have added.

I think that the problem is the Payment View added is not using the Logged-In User Company connection but I cannot work out why. I have read all of the guides but it is just not working.

I have done everything multiple times and the problem seems to be that although I add the Payment View with Company records connected to the logged-in Customer this is not retained once saved and reverts to just Company records as shown on the attached.

Can anyone help please?
Payment View

Hi James, would you mind submitting a ticket to our support team at if you haven’t already done so so that we could take a look?

Yes it was raised on Monday 7th Nov. James