Recurring Payments

This feature was raised several times by users during the original e-Commerce feature request.

As this feature request is now marked complete, I figured that the recurring payments funcitonality has disappeared off the radar, so wanted to create this as its own 'feature request'

+1 for this. If no native integration, at least would be nice if there were a way to pull in subscription data and update card forms from other subscription platforms like Moonclerk or Zoho.

Subscriptions have been put on the back-burner. With our recent work on the builder upgrade we're focusing on workflow and customization improvements. The demand for subscriptions certainly exists but it's much lower than those other features. This isn't to say that we'll never pick subscriptions back up, but there's no current timeline to do so.

Is there an update to this has been quite a while since this was updated.

I have the same requirement.  What is the status of this?

What's the status of this? Is it possible to create subscriptions or recurring payments with Stripe or Paypal?

As we ramp up our development for subscriptions, we'd love to hear about your subscription use cases to better align our features with your needs. If you're planning on using subscriptions in your Knack app we would appreciate it if you could fill out this short survey:

And if you haven't done so yet, sign up for the Knackstars program so you can join the beta when it's ready:

I thought it was under development. I am wondering if that is still true, reading the above. This is now a GLARING omission.