Monthly Subscribers - 1st Post!

Hi all, need some help or direction.

I have created a database for our client and property business and am wanting to gain other such companies to use it.

The structure is that a company would create an account and select a module, or 2 at a set price per month.

Then they would select the amount of account users per month that would be billed.

Question is how to I use Knack to charge monthly companies on an ongoing basis using automatic cards payments. Hope this makes sense!


Mark (UK based)

Hi Mark,

Welcome to the forum :wave:

This article provides a good overview of what’s possible natively with Knack: E-Commerce & Payments.

You can:

  1. Save a customer’s payment method. Click here.
  2. Charge on behalf of the customer. Click here.

This approach is fully no-code and will get you pretty far. It effectively simulates a subscription/recurring payment.

Alternatively, you can use a custom approach. The custom approach is to use Javascript or a third-party tool like Make or Zapier to trigger actions in response to Knack events. E.g. Using Make/Zapier/Javascript, you can trigger an action in Stripe when a record is created or form is submitted in Knack.

Designing a workflow around subscriptions can be complex. I recommend experimenting with the no-code approach described above, then if you get stuck you can post your needs on the Expert Network.

Good luck!