Subscription management in Knack using Stripe (no code)

I’ve just published a blog post for: Subscription management in Knack using Stripe.

This tackles use cases of:

  • Restricting users from seeing data on Knack pages unless they have a subscription
  • Allowing a user to subscribe/manage their subscription
  • Allowing a user to update their billing details

This is a no-code method of setting up a basic subscription solution using a combination of Knack, Make (Integromat) and Stripe, which utilises Stripe payment links and a one-time login customer portal.

You can also refer to @KnackPros’ post here about a coded method to create customer portals without a log in utilising Netflify, or Stripe’s low-code documentation here.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!


Very interesting solution. Lots of detail shared with the community on your post. Thank you :pray:

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Very nice work, been looking for something like this.

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It works differently, but might be helpful to remind also this WordPress Plugin that I use: