Add payment integration for forms and user subscriptions.

It would be really great to have support for recurring user subscriptions! Or a way to manage the recurring subscriptions in Stripe and easily integrate into Knack to:

-show the user if they have an active subscription and when their next payment will be taken

-allow the user to change payment method

-send invoices to the email address on file in Knack

-allow user to view invoice history in Knack account

-allow the user to enter a promo code in their account

As we ramp up our development for subscriptions, we'd love to hear about your subscription use cases to better align our features with your needs. If you're planning on using subscriptions in your Knack app we would appreciate it if you could fill out this short survey: https://www.knack.com/knackstars#subscriptions-survey/

And if you haven't done so yet, sign up for the Knackstars program so you can join the beta when it's ready: https://www.knack.com/knackstars#register/

As of 11/28/2017, we have completed the save payments part of this E-Commerce feature! You can read more about this release in our blog post here.

For the subscription / recurring payments request, that work is still on deck. If you're interested in this work be sure to vote, follow or comment on this new forum post for this work.


Membership and recurring payments.

I would need membership paywell and recurring payments.

Totally agree and strive for what Marcos Galigarcia suggested 5 months ago. A paywall system to align with how Knack charges, ie by increasing the subscription fee based on usage. This is the fairest way to charge for a database type of business/service.

I'm just waiting for this capability. Then I'll open an account.

I would use this capability to collect membership fees for a sports league application.

The paywall would be great with an activation date and an expiration date.

I would be interested as well :-)

Hey knack! Any idea of an ETA on this amazing concept? Months? Years? 

I also am looking for. I wonder when they will launch. Thanks

I am very interested in both the Form Checkout payment and the Membership paywall. 

Would it be possible to have a ballpark release date (weeks? months?) for this in order to know if it is worth it for us to work on an alternative solution instead?

I am definitely interested in the Form Checkout payment model for an equipment rental system I'm putting together. Would let users build a cart of equipment to rent, choose their rental period, then checkout and pay with a credit card.

Instead over membership to a single shared app - How about if a buyer was able to purchase an app (from a knack user) and have it running under their own sub-domain (meaning that their database records are completely discrete from other users of the app). The knack database and interface definition would still be maintained by the owner of the app (for fixes and enhancements) - and so ideally maintained centrally. The app developer could then be a kind of reseller of knack computing units. The buyer would be just using knack for the app rather than needing the developer access. The buyer could also have the option to purchase the app and modify in their own knack subdomain as they see fit. In addition to a cross-subdomain database maintenance function, you would need to allow the developer to deploy the app under their own branding (so they retain the customer) and possibly have a configurable wizard that can guides the new app licensee through the initial set-up.

It's would be a deviation from the current model, but it strikes me that Knack is becoming a quite comprehensive (albeit code-less) development environment. It could potentially be used by companies who are starting up an idea for a cloud application and are testing the waters before committing to a full custom build. Before using knack, I was looking to have a custom-built web database application built for our internal purposes, as there were no cloud apps that I could that find that met all our requirements. Our app continues to evolve and improve beyond its original intention. I wonder if early stage start-ups could also benefit from building their app without hiring programmers and testing the market before committing to a path for development.

Yes! A Paywall is exactly what I'm looking for.

Having a subscription service would be great, weekly, monthly or annual subscription plus a one off fee option provides the flexibility we all need I would think.

However and this is the crux for me, I use my knack App as part of a larger website, what i’d really like is for the knack app to embed into my site and take payment for those pages on my site within the membership area as well as the app, so some embedding code which can be added to whichever page within the ‘membership’ area would provide amazing options and reach.


Paywall and/or checkout would make Knack indispensable for me. 

Paul - 

You can definitely write your own API calls and do the integration yourself. We encourage all our users to post and share their scripts so others can benefit from them as well. You can check our API Forum here: http://helpdesk.knackhq.com/discussions/forums/5000135319 and feel free to add any snippets there. Thanks for your feedback!