Payments Update Accounts

Does anyone have any advice on creating a system where someone can process a payment and updates the validity of their account for a further 12 months? The payment required will need to be at a set amount, unclear on how to facilitate a lot of this process.

Thanks in advance for your contributions.

Hi @Joel1

I haven’t personally implemented this exact process but have used payments in Knack quite a bit (including a Covid test booking system which takes up to 1000+ payments a day).

The basic mechanism would be to have an expiry date on the user record which would be set when a person initially pays. This could then drive a prompt email to be sent to them after, say, 11 months which would include a link to pay for another year. On payment the next time you would use a record rule or similar to set the new expiry date (it could also be that using Integromat to set the date would be a better option depending on the data structure).

You then have a choice about what to do if an account expires - one option would be simply to make the account inactive but I would suggest thinking about changing it’s User Role to one limited to only seeing a limited view of their data (plus the ability to sign up again).

I hope this helps a little - you can read about some of these techniques on my blog:

Or if you would like a brief conversation about this please send me a direct message and I will send you a link to book free initial consultation.