Payment item master data


We are looking to introduce a payment when a certain record is created.  We want to be able to use the API to synchronise this amount every night, to ensure the charge amount is what we have in our item master data.

The easiest way to update all payment charge codes in Knack would be to have a table for charges that I use the API to update each night.


  • Lost Card - $10.00
  • New employee - $10.00
  • etc

My problem comes with how do I link the employee object (for example) to that particular charge?  I've performed the following, but the amount doesn't show on the payment page - I'm guessing the validation rule doesn't apply quick enough.


On the Employee table, I created a connection to the item master data table, and set a conditional rule to say all records will link to the particular item desired.

I then created an equation field, that has the amount field from the item master data table.


Does anyone have any other ideas on how to maintain a central item charge list, and then apply the correct charge to the different tables?

e.g. Employee table - use charge New employee



Actually, it's now working. 

I just remapped the field to the ecommerce item, and now it's working fine again.


Is there a way to delete the record though if someone cancels the payment screen?  It's still showing as a record in the employees table, even if they cancel the item.