Updating Records

I have an app that with invoicing based on prices for specific items but ran into a problem after I updated the prices on the items. After I updated the price in the object field all my previous entries where also updated so my previous invoices are now at the updated prices. Does anyone know how to prevent previous records from updating? For example, if I have a product at $10 and create an invoice, I would like the price for the invoice to stay at $10 for that specific quote and only future record reflect the updated price. Does anybody know how to prevent this issue?

You need to create a second invoice and keep a version number. So create a new connected object with the new data that is connected to the old one.

I'm new to knack, but I think you will need to create a current price field and an already invoiced price field. When a quoted price becomes accepted and invoiced you can use record rules to push that value to the other field.

You may look at here:


Hi Tony

This is a classic problem which loads of people come up against with relational databases. I expect you have an equation field looking up the price from the Product object - which means every time the price changes it's updated. What you need to do is make the lime item price field a normal entry field - but have a record rule update it when the record is submitted (probably checking to see if it's empty first). This can allow you to enter non standard prices from time to time if you need to as well.

Hope this helps?