Loging in on Apple devices

I have developed an app over the last year, only to discover that it is not Apple friendly.

Now that I have finished development and went into the testing phase, I recruited a few people to test the system out for me. And I have found from a few users that they have had issues on their mobile devices, their MacBooks and their iPads.

Initially I thought it might be the browser they are using, but after exploring Chrome, Firefox and Safari on these devices, and the app gets stuck on all of them, I can only conclude that the issue is with the app not working properly on Apple devices.

Actually after testing it I discovered it works fine, but when it is embedded within wix pages, it doesn't work well on Apple devices. Is there a work around for this?

Guess you have seen this page


Scroll down or search for

2.2. CMS Considerations

I can confirm also that Knack (including SSO) works beautifully on Iphone 8.

You might want to describe in more detail the issues you are having with WIX in order for people to be able to offer advice