IOS using web pages from the home screen problem

Hi, I have been using my Knack Application on my iPad and I notice when I use it as recommended (open in Safari and save to Home Screen) when I switch to another application and then switch back to my app it refreshes the page and goes back to the apps home page. This does not happen when open in a normal Safari browser window.

This is a problem as our process is to use a popup form in Knack to capture new data. During this process we have to switch between different apps. It means when we go back to the Knack app it has refreshed and we have lost the form and any data entered but not saved and have to step through the pages again to get back to the form. This is time consuming and frustrating.

Knack support have acknowledged that this is an IOS problem and have no solutions as "unfortunately it seems that this is an issue with how iOS handles web apps from the home screen ". They recommended I post in the forums to see if anyone else has experienced this.

Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions to this problem?