iOS/Xcode Apple Apps

I successfully built an iOS wrapper for my knack page with Xcode. I was able to verify the success by wrapping several sites (google, facebook, etc) and those function without error or issues.

I am able to get the sign-in page to load and enter my credentials, but upon submitting, the log-in screen refreshes and doesn't load the 'home' page of my knack page. There are no errors (invalid password or other) displayed on the screen. Simply a refresh of the log-in screen. I was able to verify on desktop and mobile browsers and those seem to work fine.

Has anyone successfully wrapped their knack page? If so, did you run into the same issue? How did you fix it? I'm not even close to being a programmer - I learned to build the app from YouTube...If you respond, please do so on a very dumbed down, elementary level. Thanks!!