Issues Masking Domains - Apple issues

When I build an application I have been clicking on view app page to get the URL of the page of the app I want to display. Then embedding that into an iframe. We then add that to an index.html file onto a particular domain name.

The idea of this is to mask the knack URL as we do not disclose to clients knack.

The problem we are having is that on certain Apple products (iPhone, iPads, MacBooks) clients can not log in, our once logged in they are kicked out if they click on another page. On mobile devices it does not show a responsive version.

We have this happening over 2 applications on two separate domains. We have tried different software versions on iPhone 5,6,7's with some being able to log in and others not even n the same software version.

Has anyone experienced this or knows of a way I can overcome the issue of hiding the knack domain and showing customers URL. ??

This is becoming a huge issue and as always knack support less than speedy in the response, currently waiting 20 hours for a reply!!!!

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