Embedding app and using own SSL

Has anyone had any luck embedding an app on a site so that your SSL is active and displays in the user's browser? 

I'm currently using a custom domain for my app, but im told i cannot use an SSL with it. Knack says its secure, but if the user cannot see its a secure site it doesnt really help. 

Due to concerns around security and managing SSL certificates, custom domains will no longer be available with Knack apps as of 8/20/19. You can still host your Knack app at your own custom domain by embedding your apps into an external site. You can read more on embedding apps here.

Yes. We have used it with headers and footers (plus other elements) all on the same page as well as stand alone.

The app works on mobile although the mobile CSS is not very good.

Thank-you Mark, no problem. 

Would you be able to confirm for me, though, if you have used it embedded in your site with your own header/footer around it, or if the embedded app is the only thing on the page? 

Also, does the embedded up work on mobile devices the same way the native app does? 

Thanks again!

Our use of Knack is behind company password, so I can't share them. My knowledge is quite limited in this area. But your issue is probably unrelated to Knack. Your hosting provider or web platform (WordPress, Weebly, whatever) settings might prevent <script> tags from running.  Given the number of successful deployments of Knack on websites, you will have more success pointing your questions at your hosting provider or the admin of your platform. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Hi Mark, 

Thanks so much for your reply, this sounds great! 

Would you mind if i take a look at your site at all? I'm curing if you are simply embedding the app whole on a page with nothing else, or embedding it on a page that has a header, footer etc around it - as well as the mobile responsive capabilities when its embedded. 

Additionally, which website platform have you used to embed it? We used one previously (cant remember what it was) which caused issues because a lot of the links didn't update correctly - but Knack may have resovled that by now. We are currently using wordpress, but i notice knack seems to integrate best with 'weebly' so that may also be an option (section 3.2 https://support.knack.com/hc/en-us/articles/225451907-Viewing-and-Embedding#embed-your-app) 

Thanks again for your help


We do this regularly. There is no relationship between the SSL cert and the Knack embed (at least in our environment). The SSL cert runs on the site. We then select a page to embed the knack script, which means there is at least one html page on which to embed knack. The browser shows its secure and Knack does its thing.