Best route to use our domain instead of

I wonder if anyone has a set solution to use the knack app without embedding it in another webpage, but
using your own domain at the same time?

I usually embed the apps into webpages, but in this case, we are about to launch the app to a small market to test, my client would like to see the app but with the instead of the subdomain

Any ideas

Hi @John13 - I’m not an expert on using Knack on external websites, apart from simply embedding. But I know that custom domains are not an option at this time.

If you don’t get any better news here then I’d recommend contacting

Thanks Carl,

I think I will test Cloudflare Pages, which will allow us to use a custom domain in a serverless environment. I wish knack could evaluate to use such a service like Cloudflare for SaaS, then pointing our domains to knack subdomains and manage SSLs directly with Cloudflare will be so easy (and cheap too at $0,10/m).