Why does Knack REFUSE to offer a Custom Domain solution?

Hey everyone,

I’m really frustrated that Knack still refuses to offer accessible custom domains. Every other competitor does, and it’s a basic feature we all need. The only solution Knack has is an enterprise account for like $1000/month and even then, they only offer about 20 custom domains per region. It feels like an arbitrary limit, and makes zero sense in 2024…

Because of this and the issues and frustrations with embedding my app, I’ve decided to move to a different platform. Why does Knack REFUSE to offer this, they used to, seems so self-limiting…

Has anyone heard anything on this? There’s some alternatives I’ve been looking into and literally every one of them offers the ability to host on a custom domain through the builder.


Hi @Nicholas,

I have checked with our team and we have custom domains on our product roadmap to be implemented this year! :rocket:

I completely understand your frustration here on this. We certainly don’t want to see you turn away from Knack, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Have a great rest of your week! :slight_smile:

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