Any problems with the login page today?

Hey, if anyone is listening, any one having issues with login not showing or pages missing for account users?

just want to see if its a wider problem


Not experienced any issues like this. Best to report to :+1:

Hi Ben - we’re sorry for the trouble you and your users are experiencing.

This sounds possibly related to an update we deployed yesterday to embedded app settings, that lets you select the way browsers will handle logins for your embedded app.

The new default option is cookies, which can be blocked by an individual’s browser settings which may be what you’re seeing. When using this option, we suggest informing your users to enable third party cookies in their browser settings.

The alternative option is tokens which is less secure, but a more seamless login experience. You can update this from your builder under Settings > User Logins > Embedded Login Security:

Do keep in mind the usability and security trade-offs, which you can learn more about here: Embedded Login Security Settings.

If that does not align with the issue you’re experiencing, or if you need further help for your app specifically, please reach out to directly. Thank you!


We found that out and made the changes back to tokens and we have hundreds of potential end users so that is the easiest option.

The other thing we want to know is if we upgrade our plan can we have a custom domain this will fix the ongoing problems we have with embedding and other issues


Ben Keehan

Hi Ben, please see below, not sure if this has changed this :thinking:

If we updated our DNS to point an A record at an IP address would that make it work? Our domain host can force SSL