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Hello, I have embedded Knack on our website and thus far everything is working great except for one thing - the login page does not show up correctly on mobile devices (works great on PC’s). The join page shows up great even on mobile devices.

I’m wondering if anyone can help me build the equivalent link to the login page? I’m thinking that might be the solution since the join page is rendering correctly on mobile devices. I contacted support and they told me this had to do with cookies and said I could solve the problem by switching to tokens but would lose security strength. I don’t really understand what they mean so hoping by linking directly to the login page like I am on the join page is the solution.

Thank you.

Hi Stewart,

Please see screenshot. Is this page not loading the way you expected? This is an iPhone 8 using Chrome.

Regarding the response from Knack Support, it sounds like a miscommunication, as Cookies/Tokens should not affect how your login page shows up on mobile devices.

Feel free to clarify if anything about your question has been misunderstood.


Thank you so much for looking into.

On your screenshot you noticed it jumped out of the embed to the base url so that is a problem.

For some reason on mobile devices when you go to the embedded login page it does not render properly and only shows the “login” button. When you click the “login” button it jumps out of the embed and renders the login page on the knack site.

I thought maybe if I could link directly to the login page it would solve this problem. For some reason, when linking directly to the join page, it works on mobile devices without a problem.

Thank you for any advice!!

Ah, I see what you mean now :slightly_smiling_face:

In that case I agree with Knack Support. Have you tried switching your Login method temporarily to see if this fixes the problem? It’s not permanent—you can always switch it back.

From the Builder:

  1. Click on your app
  2. Click on Settings tab
  3. Click on User Logins tab
  4. Under the Embedded Login security heading, click Switch to Tokens

I switched to Tokens and that sure enough fixed it. Then I switched it back since there are so many security warnings. I wish there was another way.

I feel like, if I could link directly to the page and not rely on cookies to bring up the login page it would solve the problem. Am I thinking too simply??

Thank you for your time and help!!

Also, still don’t understand why the embed works on PC’s great but not on mobile?

Happy to help :+1:

About 1-2 years ago, Chrome made changes to their browser that affected Embedded Apps, and around this time (perhaps because of this) Knack introduced the feature in the Builder to choose between Cookies or Tokens.

As for why the Login experience is different on mobile phones vs desktop, maybe you can ask Knack Support to shed light on this—feel free to share their response here for anyone reading this in the future. I do know that others have mentioned this issue and the “fix” was the same as yours:


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Response from support.

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