How to refresh app on iPhone?

I have an icon for my app on my iPhone, but how do I refresh the app after I make changes - eh?

Using the app icon on an iPhone removes the browser bar so you can’t refresh as you would on a desktop or mobile browser.
A workaround I use is to add a menu button that links to a URL and use the below code as the link to reload the page.
Name the button “Refresh” or similar. :+1:


Ahh. Thank you so much!

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My pleasure.
If satisfied, please mark as solved :white_check_mark:

I did mark it solved, but I seem to have jumped the gun. I think I’m missing something here?

The below may help.

I just added this to my test app, Classic Clips, and it reloads the page on button click :+1:

Thanks Carl, that works. I was using a drop-down menu.

I find some of Knack’s terminology confusing. A table is an “object”. A grid is a “table” . A navigation button is a “menu”. And so on.

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For others that may follow, short video tutorial: