Javascript API method to refresh view (or menu button)

Doing a full page refresh takes a lot of time - while doing a re-enter on current page (like doing `location.hash = location.hash + "#"`) is very much faster to re-load the view.

It would be very nice if there was an official way to refresh a view - like a "Refresh" menu button or a javascript API call to refresh like Knack.refresh_view()

Current workarounds that I use:

1. if the page is simple login - creating a menu button that links to the same page does a view refresh

2. I do location.hash = location.hash + "#"; in javascript wherever else

But I would like to have an even faster refresh if possible, and official way to reload view

I agree, we have many views which filter out certain records. It would be nice if the page would refresh after a record is edited in a way which disqualifies it from the filter.