Refresh/Reload calendar view on page

Anyone know how to refresh a calendar view in Javascript without reloading the whole page?

We're using a page with two views - one calendar, and one a new record entry (need rules applied so we can't use an inbuilt calendar entry form), and we can capture the record submit event, and want to refresh the calendar view only on the page.

Tried various .reload and .load functions without success.


Hey 363404687152 I reckon this discussion will have it sorted:  

I can't believe I started this one 5 years ago...

Hi 8947499407

Is it possible yet to refresh a scene after capturing an action in Javascript?

At the moment i have a location.reload set up, however, i'd much rather just refresh the scene rather than the whole page. It's causing some login issues as it's an app embedded within an app essentially.

My current code:

$(document).on('knack-record-update.view_2855', function(event, view, data) {

setTimeout(function () { location.reload(true); }, 8000);

alert("Please wait while we fetch the Invoice from Autoline. Click 'OK' & this page will refresh shortly...");



Ideally i'd want to replace the Location Reload with a specific Scene Key refresh... any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Maybe this post could help:

I like this Idea also - I have 5 users entering data into a calendar. some sort of auto update would be helpful to eliminate duplicate entries

Okay, thanks Nic.  You can see we're getting around no rules for new calendar records here so that'd be a higher priority here.

We'll have to stick with a total page refresh.

Hi Brad,

We don't currently have any exposed methods to easily refresh like this. It's all built in to respond to internal events, like pagination. This is something we're considering adding for future API updates.