Knack Explorer — a free tool to explore your app structure

We (the City of Austin, Texas) built this tool for our builders to make it easier to see how pages and views and fields are connected across an app. You're welcome to use it; just plug in your application ID:

We're a public agency and are not collecting any usage data related to this tool. Just use it if you need to. 

If you like it, give us a star on Github. Or open a feature request:

Thanks :)


Very useful tool. Thank you.

Very nice tool guys!


I've built this one a few years ago:


It shows the connection between the fields, which I found extremely useful with my projects. It is, and always was, free :-)

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Well this is awesome and a really useful tool to hunt down where fields are being used (my kryptonite in Knack) amongst other things.

Thanks for sharing - Github star given!

Thank you for sharing these. Awesome tools.