App Planning Tool


I have built a few dozen apps on Knack over the years, and love it.

One of these apps needs a rebuild. I would like to plan it out a bit better before kicking off so to keep focused.

Can anyone suggest a tool or method they use to list out the objects and fields, the connections, pages, workflows etc so that they can make sure they have the picture before starting to build the app?

Wow Nir - that is incredible. I am 1 part excited, and 1 part bemused as to how i did not know this existed previously!!

This information is very useful thank you

I have started playing with creately to mind map the database objects, and have also kept on using spreadsheets to manage the change process.

I am aware of a data migration problem i will have and will look to have someone do that for me professionally i think

I absolutely agree that such a tool will be beneficial for creating apps in Knack. Having a planning tool that can integrate properly with Knack's Builder, and also allow manipulations over a defined application, will be awesome!

You might want to have a look here: which is a tool that provides a structural view over an already defined Knack application. It wont allow you to make changes to your app, but I found it extremely useful when maintaining larger applications.

Have you tried any of the mind mappingsoftware? I have started planning apps in them and they work quite well.

The yellow baloons signify another object that will be mapped on it's own. It's a way of figuring out how deep you can go with a single idea/object. This was done with Free Mind.

I've searched around found some database planning apps but nothing that would be suitable for knack I thought.

Ah I would love a planning tool, it would save a lot of time trying and changing.