Graphical layout of application's structure



A new visual map for a Knack application's structure has been added to the Find Definitions application. Basically it looks like this:


and it allows easy navigation through an application's structure, by clicking the elements on the screen.


I hope you find this helpful :-)


Awesome!  Thank you!

Hey Bill,


Your application is just too large for the visual map to load :-(

The number of objects and fields you have is just too big to be processed.


I hope you can find the Application Structure relationships section useful.




I tried using this but all I get is a black screen....saying I have 2083 objects on the screen...I try to expand/zoom and I get more black.  I love the concept, but it doesn't seem to work.  



To use this tool, you are required to sign up with a user/password. If you do not already have an account for this app, press the Sign Up button at the bottom of the home screen and create a free account for yourself.

Hi - I am interested in using this app for my knack application, but I am bit of rookie around here.

When I try to navigate to the mentioned link above, it asks for a user-id and password?

Any idea?

This is pretty awesome great work

Wow! This is a very good idea, certainly when your app has tons on object, views, pages....  THANKS for SHARING this breakthru.