Great App to quickly find a field, view, scene, object in your project, by name or ID

Hi to all,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that a nice guy has created one of the best free app in Knack's world.  I use it every single day.  Without it, I would have turned crazy (or crazier) a long time ago.

It's simply called "DefinitionsFind My Field". 

You can access it here:


After logging in, you copy/paste your application ID and it will parse its entire structure.

You can enter almost anything and it will find it for you, even partial strings.  I love the auto-complete.

You can also see a visual map of your app and the details of all tasks in a single page.

You can easily navigate from one finding to the next and back.  But don't use the back button as it brings you back to the home page.

Depending on where you click on a line, it will behave differently.  If you click on the left part, it will enter that item, staying in the app.  But if you click on the right parts (in parentheses), it will conveniently open a new tab with the Builder at the right place, ready to see the usage.

His name is Nir Tzur, and he's very friendly.  Encourage him like I did and send him a little something.


Normand Defayette