Definitions App - very useful for working with larger / complex apps

For those who haven't seen previous threads about this, Nir Tzur (who can be found on this forum) has created a highly useful app to help Knack developers

It can be used to find all the places (views, page rules, tasks, other fields) that use a field in your app. It can also visualise connections between objects, fields etc.

I use the app almost every day I'm working in Knack, mostly to use the field finding functionality when adding, changing or removing fields from the data structure. I can search for a field to ensure I remember every function it has, before making changes. This saves me heaps of time each time I'm working on the data structure of a Knack app, and reduces the need for maintaining as much external documentation.

I've recently been in touch with the developer of the app (Nir Tzur) to request some changes and they were really responsive at implementing them.

The changes they implemented included also showing page rules in the field search page (previously these were not shown), and making the links to the builder page for all fields/scenes/views function properly in the new builder (because the builder URL structure has changed in the new builder).

I definitely recommend giving the app a try if you ever find yourself wondering what a field does while developing.