How do I reduce multiple results from a table into one Sentence

I have a table with multiple line items of “widgets.” The table can consist of multiple widgets, and multiple widget types.
For each widget type I have a verification “rule” setup where either the User or the Admin can “verify” a status of the widget line items.
What I want -
Create a “sentence” that references this table and says something like:
“The following widget types are NOT VERIFIED. Please click on the WIDGET TYPE to get a list of the unverified widget lines items. You will then be able to verify them.”

Right now I have a Number Field that uses conditional formatting to return a 1 if “Not Verified” and a 0 if “Verified”
The “Widget Type” is simply a picklist with roughly 8 Selections on there.

Any thoughts?

I would do it with code… If a no code solution is required…
What do you think of showing a list of these widget types below the sentence? Maybe with CSS you can make it look more organic.