How to select multiple rows and print all

I’m trying to use a checkbox which will allow users to select several rows at once and click print. Is this possible?

The way I do this is use two pages/views. The first with the check boxes to select. The second filters on the checkbox field and then print from the 2nd.


Thank you! That is interesting, I’ll try this.

I found this thread on how to use checkboxes for multiple rows. Do you think it would work with your idea?


Maybe I misunderstood your question? My point was about filtering records for printing. Sounds like you want to first update a bunch of records? BTW: You can do that using an action. But I guess it depends upon what you are trying to do.


You are current, but I was hoping there is a way to use a checkbox to select several rows at once and print their Details View Page at once.

Is there what you mean by filtering records?

If you think of selecting several records as an update, you can do that. Then you filter on the selected records. You need yes/no field - you can display that as a checkmark if it is a yes value. Your filter would be to display only records that ae marked yes (IOW’s checked).

To update your records to be checked, you would need to use a record action to update the yes/no field value to yes.

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