Status report: table showing 5 categories as complete/incomplete

Basic probably, but approach alluding me.  Registered users have 5 specific forms they have to submit.  

Form A, Form B, Form C, Form D, Form E

When the user submits one of them they choose one of the 5 form choices from a multiple choice dropdown: Form A, Form B, Form C, Form D, Form E > then SUBMIT

On each record submitted if form field (A-E) is not blank a conditional field COMPLIANT gets custom value YES.  So view table report looks like this:

FORM          DATE              COMPLIANT       

Form A         9/1/17              YES

Form C         9/6/17              YES

But report only shows the submitted entries/records.  What Im trying to do is SHOW all 5 Forms categories for each user in the report table even if it hasnt been submitted yet.  So they can see whats missing at a glance. Conversion to Compliant = Yes would be automatic.  Example (like Project Management) have a user manually set status.   Like this:

FORM          DATE              COMPLIANT       

Form A         9/1/17              YES

From B                                 NO

Form C         9/6/17              YES

From D                                 NO

From E                                 NO

But can only get the submitted to show, not the missing but needed ones.

As always, thanks!

Hi Todd,

What if you pre-create the 5 records automatically when the user registers? Then when they log in they'll see a table with all 5 records available.. they can click an 'edit' link to fill out each one. So the general workflow here would be:

  • In registration form, add 5 record rules
  • 1 rule per record, so Insert a connected record for A, and another one for B, etc.
  • Display a table of these records
  • Add a link to the table of records so the user can edit a specific record
  • Add a record rule in the 'edit' form to update the 'Compliant' field automatically