Pictures and Froms

I'm sure there is a super easy way to do this and I'm just not figuring it out.  

All I need is a form, but instead of text options I need Picture Options. Not sure it makes a difference, but they need to be multiple selection check box multiple choice.

Example:  What colors are in a standard American traffic signal?

(picture of red circle)

(picture of yellow circle)

(picture of green circle)

(picture of black circle)

(picture of purple circle)

I feel like I should be able to do think pretty simply and I'm going to feel like an idiot when someone explains it. Thank you!


Add another text field to your object called ColorToText . Then add a conditional rule on that field that sets the value based on the value in your MC field


When MCFIELD is Red set ColorToText to red
When MCFIELD is green set ColorToText to green

Then use the ColorToText field in your report instead of the MC field


You find conditional rules in the Data (or schema in new builder) side of the builder

Here is an screenshot from an app I built


This is great - Thank you!

I've linked the images and included a line break with the color name, which works perfectly on the form.  Now I've run into the next issues.

1.  Unfortunately, now the details report includes the picture, which really muddies up everything. Is there any possible way to remove the image source from details reporting to only show the text I've added after the break?

2.  I'd also like to create reports based on the responses, as well.  This just doesn't seem to work at all in reporting.  Same question as #1, I suppose. Is this a possibility?  Utilizing only the text portion of the form to create reports?