Hide edit button based on rules

I have a details view which includes an edit button, linking to a form of course. I would like to be able to show or hide this based on the value of a field, in the same way I can with other action buttons. Is this doable? I tried using the link to another page action, but this doesnt have the rules options either :frowning:

Many thanks
LesleyB :slight_smile:

Hi @Lesley - not sure if this will help:

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Brilliant, excellently demonstrated and explained @CarlHolmes! I’ll have to do a bit of a redesign as my edit button is currently in the middle of a screen full of info, but definitely doable.

(all tat info is in a single view)

Once again I am in your debt! :heart_eyes:

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Hi @Lesley - I’m glad the short video made sense and helped you. I appreciate you circling back to let me know. :pray: