Show / hide rules for table links

Add, Edit & View forms have Display Rules - a powerful and well-implemented feature for showing and hiding fields based on values.

Connected fields on these forms also have very useful Filters.

I think it should be relatively straightforward to implement similar functionality for Links on tables as well. There would be a performance penalty as it would apply to each row. But I think it would enhance the UI in the following use case:

A table shows a number of records, some of which may be editable, but others not. The ony solution to this at the moment would be to create two table forms, one filtered by editable (which has edit links on every row), and the other not.

By having Link display rules/filters, the table could present all records, but the edit link can be set to only show on the rows where they were applicable. This would play very nicely with Filter Menus, because the user could quickly flick between editable and non-editable records, or the blend of the two; the UI would be optimal.

For example, a system used by a member of staff to update data that feeds a live site might have some records 'in development' (editable), some marked 'pending approval' or 'live' (uneditable). This would be great for that.